Backmuir first introduced Sim Luing Cows to the farms in 2009. Over the next few years we continued to expand the herd as they produced an excellent quality of calves that were milky, had a good temperament & were very able animals. It became difficult to find replacement cows for our herd, so in 2014 we decided to start breeding our very own Luings and Sim Luings. An initial 88 Pure Luing Cows were bought at a dispersal sale from Ted Fox’s College Valley Herd. The herd is slowly growing as the heifer calves are grown to the age of 2, and then bulled to calve at around 3. However, heifers and calves are bought if we see the quality of animals we like. Half of the Luings are pure bred while the other half are pure bred to a Simmental to produce the Sim Luings for our Commercial Herd. 

We are also selecting and keeping several Pure Bulls which are either for sale privately or at the breed sales. In the near future we hope to have Heifers and Heifers with Calves at foot available for sale.
Backmuir Farm, Keith, Morayshire, AB55 5PE, Scotland
t. 01542 882543     f. 01542 886065
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